Top Wellness Travel Trends for 2023

Wellness holiday specialist Health and Fitness Travel has identified the following trends, which is predicts are set to dominate the wellness travel industry in 2023:

Body Immunity

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still being felt nearly three years on. Health anxiety has left people more determined to maintain their body’s well-being. Body immunity retreats are not only an opportunity to travel but also offer meaningful solutions to any potential health worries. Keeping visitors healthy mentally and physically, these wellness retreats offer opportunities to take advantage of medical wellness expertise in luxurious surroundings in popular destinations worldwide.

Plant-Based Retreat

Plant-based diets have gained popularity and 2023 is thought to be no different. With more information being spread and consciousness to animal cruelty by the animal product industry, people are looking into their diet choices. Currently, about 5 percent of the U.S. population is vegetarian, which represents over 16.5 million people. This number increases among younger generations, meaning more Americans are likely going to become vegetarian in the coming years. Therefore, there will be more demand for learning how to maintain a nutritionally dense plant-based diet and more resorts will cater to this with their menus and retreat offerings in 2023.

Animal Therapy Retreats

It has been found that being around animals can be hugely beneficial to mental health. Animal therapy has been proven to provide comfort, reduce levels of pain, improve movement or motor skills, develop social skills and increase motivation. Retreats don’t have to be completely rounded to animal therapy singularly; however, the company of other creatures among other activities can still be beneficial, be it snorkeling or a wellness tour.

Air-Free Travel

The catastrophic effects on climate change has raised concern over preserving the environment, and thus influenced travelers’ attitude. Surveys from YouGov reveal that 53 percent of global consumers are seeking more sustainable travel options for their holidays. Air-free travel is not only an accessible alternative form of traveling but it can be as memorable as the holiday, with the embrace of slower travels making the journey to luxury resorts all that more special.

Affordable Retreats

In the current cost-of-living crisis, holidays might be last on the agenda for those considering where to budget their money. People are focused on curbing holiday costs as inflation continues to rise. Those still eager for a holiday are looking for cheaper options to accommodate their reduced disposable income. Therefore, more affordable retreats that offer value for money and provide tangible wellness benefits are set to be a big trend for wellness travel in 2023.

Emotional Healing Retreats

Emotional healing retreats bring the opportunity for people living with depression, anxiety, PTSD and trauma to be exposed to comprehensive wellness experiences and learn the tools to live happier and healthier lives. These retreats use nutrition, exercise and a range of wellness and mental health therapies to help travelers enhance their mental wellbeing in a meaningful and lasting way.

Working Wellness Holidays

A great change from pre-pandemic to post- is the accessibility to work online. Research by LinkedIn found that 39 percent of adults in the U.K. have worked from holiday in 2022 and 28 percent found that it positively affected their work ethic. The repetitive nature of working from home online has led them to seek a change of environment. It is therefore unsurprising as to why “workcations” were so popular in 2022 and the trend will likely continue in 2023.

Addiction Retreats

A report showed that in 2022, adults are spending an average of five hours online—nearly a third of the time awake staring at a screen. It can be hard to detach from the online world especially when so much of our day-to-day life is so reliant on it. Therefore, a retreat where one can have a full digital detox, can help to reset their relationship with technology. For those looking to detoxify from other substances including alcohol, drugs and smoking, a change of environment where everyday stress is relieved and medical professionals are on hand to help provides the perfect environment to kick ill habits for good.

Alcohol-Free Retreats

During the pandemic, it was found that heavy drinkers took to drinking more, whereas the moderate drinkers were drinking less. Those who found themselves drinking more than they usually would, are now looking to address their relationship with alcohol. Alcohol-free retreats offer the sober-curious the opportunity to detox and improve both physical and mental health alongside targeted spa therapies.

Family Wellness Retreats

Family wellness holidays prioritize being active, exploring wellbeing and making long-lasting memories together, with a range of activities for families to not only spend time together but also have options for every member to practice or discover new hobbies. These holidays give families the ultimate choice in a fulfilling holiday that will have lasting healthy effects and offer value for money.

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