Wayfairer Travel Expands Offering in Japan

London-based Wayfairer Travel has expanded its Japan offering. The specialist team of destination experts is now curating expansive itineraries for travelers looking to explore the furthest corners of the Asian country and experience the diverse local lifestyle.

Some of the new itineraries include: 

Highlights of Japan Tour

This whistle-stop 14-day tour explores the most prominent, must-see sites of the country. Starting with three days in the bright lights of futuristic Tokyo, guests can appreciate the home of eclectic fashion first-hand before taking in majestic views of Mount Fiji from the Hakone National Park. Travelers may take a bullet train to the ancient capital of Kyoto, home of the geisha and to 17 UNESCO world heritage sites, for an authentic cultural immersion before sampling cuisine at an intimate cooking course during a day excursion to Kanazawa. The tour ends with a trip to rural Japan in the mountain villages of Hida.

Food and Art: A Cultural Tour of Japan

From colorful kimono dress to the local hospitality of a ryokan—a traditional Japanese inn, the exquisite flavors of the cuisine and the creative horticulture of the tranquil gardens, Japan is bursting with culture and tradition; this itinerary is an educational and enlightening journey aimed to stimulate the senses.

Again, this tour begins in the country’s hub of Tokyo but dives further into the contemporary art through city sites and a day out visiting the digital art instillation, teamLab Borderless, the world’s first digital art museum. Contemporary art is replaced with natural beauty with a trip through the Japanese Alps to Matsumoto while sipping saké. After a brief stop in historical Takayama, the following three days will be spent exploring Kyoto and the history behind the geisha district. All before moving on to the artists’ haven of Naoshima Island to indulge in a cultural fusion of modern art museums, architecture and sculptures. It is followed by a street food safari in Osaka before a trip to the monasteries of Mount Koya to stay in a temple complex to experience the monk lifestyle for a night.

Rural Japan Explorer Tour

Miyajima Island, Japan
Miyajima Island, Japan (Photo by frentusha/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

On the flip side of futuristic, modern Japan lies authentic local adventure off the beaten track. Starting in the ancient capital of Kyoto, travelers can experience a private local guided tour, stopping for a traditional Zazen meditation at Gesshin-In Temple. A day is dedicated to venture south to Hiroshima to contemplate the city’s tragic history before boarding a ferry to Miyajima Island, the home of the iconic floating torii gate. Four days will be spent exploring Shikoku Island, home to Matsuyama, the oldest hot spring onsen site in Japan.

Guests can then head to the garden city of Takamatsu for a self-drive tour of the Iya Valley region and a visit to Himeji Castle. A ferry will carry travelers to the art community of Naoshima Island for a day’s outing. The plateau of Mount Koya then offers a spiritual stay with monks, ahead of a guided cycling tour of culinary capital Os

Japan Intimate Honeymoon

Specialists in once in a lifetime travel, the Wayfairer travel experts has compiled an intimate and special experience in Japan to curate a fortnight for the newlywed couple.

The journey begins in Tokyo with a helicopter cruise through cityscapes, a private tour of the neon jungle and a day trip to the historical coastal town of Kamakura. In stark contrast, the pair will then venture out to Fuji-Hakone National Park to revel in the natural scenery and catch a glimpse of the elusive snowy peaks of Mount Fuji. They then experience the cultural wonders of Kyoto, led around the ancient city by local tour guides. They also have an exclusive opportunity to experience afternoon tea with a maiko (apprentice geisha), which is a very rare experience even for the natives. A couple of days in Nara allows guests to engage in swordplay with a class in samurai kenbu and feed deer from their palms.

Those interested in more detailed history behind the city can learn about how Hiroshima has risen from the ashes and dedicate a day trip to Miyajima Island to explore its ancient wonders. Osakan street food allows newlyweds to explore Japan’s culinary capital before taking a dip in the invigorating hot springs of Kinosaki Onsen and then returning to reality.

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