Aeromexico Operates First Flight With Winglets

Aeromexico recently announced that it is now operating its first flight with winglets resulting in improved benefits to the environment.

The first plane with the incorporated winglets began flying on the route between Mexico City and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The second Boeing 767 with winglets is expected to be ready soon, and will be for the longer flights to South America, Europe, and Asia. 

As part of Aeromexico’s commitment to sustainability, the airline has begun efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases through its own programs and in some cases, in collaboration with the authorities involved.

Starting in 2003, Aeromexico was the first airline in Mexico to be certified to install winglets on B737-700/800 and B757-200; and now with the addition of the winglets on Boeing 767s, the airline is saving about 96 thousand liters of combustible fuel per plane, which equates to significant reductions of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The flights to Europe, alone, are expected to result in a decrease of CO2 emissions of about 1.341 tons annually. In addition to the winglets’ environmental benefits and Aeromexico's commitment to the conservation and sustainability, the planes used on the Mexico City- Paris route and the Mexico City – Barcelona route will be able to handle an increased load and optimize the passenger capacity year-round.


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