Air France-KLM and Air Europa to Sign Joint-Venture Agreement

Air France-KLM and Air Europa intend to conclude a new joint venture agreement for their flights between Europe and Central and South America. The potential agreement would allow both airlines to expand its offerings and increase travel opportunities for their respective customers.

The current partnership (between Air France, KLM and Air Europa) consists mainly of successful codeshare agreements, which include departure cities such as Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid. Air France and Air Europa started their code share cooperation in 2003 and currently cover 21 code share routes within Europe. KLM and Air Europa have been collaborating since 2002 and now operate 19 code share routes within Europe. In 2007, Air Europa also joined the SkyTeam Alliance.

Both parties are currently conducting an integral analysis of a deeper and expanded cooperation, aiming at a joint venture agreement between Air France-KLM and Air Europa between Europe and Central/South America to strengthen the joint offer to customers.

The complementarity of the respective networks to and from Central and South America will provide significant additional benefits for customers in the form of better connectivity, increased seat availability and a basis to launch new routes and direct flights between the two continents.

Air France-KLM and Air Europa are in the midst of carrying out an in-depth legal analysis of the terms of this possible future agreement in order to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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