Amadeus Launches Airline Service Fees Solution

Amadeus has launched the first module of Amadeus Airline Service Fees, a solution to automatically price and collect ticketing fees through multiple channels in compliance with industry standards. Airline Service Fees will provide airlines with a solution to increase their revenues by processing ticket-based fees across all their channels, Amadeus says.

Amadeus Airline Service Fees comprises two modules. The first one, which is now available, enables airlines to automatically collect ticketing, credit card, and miscellaneous fees in their direct sales channels (airport and city ticket offices, call center, website). The second module, which will be rolled as part of the Amadeus Retailing Platform, will allow airlines to collect credit card fees through their indirect sales channel, the travel agencies.

An Amadeus study demonstrated that the automation of service fees processing can provide up to a 28 percent increase in fee revenue and 67 percent increase in productivity. Maximizing this revenue stream is even more important for airlines seeking ways to increase their ancillary revenues to compensate the surge in their operating costs due to the fuel price hike.

The first module of Amadeus Airline Service Fees solution is now available to all airlines that have adopted the Amadeus Altéa Reservation platform. Amadeus Airline Service Fees is designed to fulfill three goals including increasing airlines’ revenues, secure transparency in airlines’ fees collection and improve airlines’ fee management.


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