Amadeus Offers Market Intelligence Data

Amadeus has signed contracts with Emirates, Finnair and TACA to provide them with Marketing Information Data Tapes (MIDT), which contain information about airline bookings made by travel agencies worldwide connected to the Amadeus distribution system. With the analysis of the data contained in MIDT, airlines can obtain important information for decision making in areas such as sales and marketing, yield management, route planning or scheduling. Amadeus’ market research has shown that smartly used MIDT data can increase the bottom line of an airline by anywhere from 1 percent to 3 percent.

“We estimate that Amadeus data represents 36 percent of worldwide airline bookings through the travel agency channel,” said Ian Wheeler, vice president, marketing and distribution, Amadeus. 

It is also the key for airlines to select the appropriate aircrafts to improve capacity, analyze performance by fare class to form their pricing strategy or understand which are the best airline partners for strategic alliances.

“Finnair operates a large route network and it’s important for us to be able to base our marketing and network planning decisions on complete and reliable information," Tom Källström, vice president, e-business development, Finnair, commented. "Without the facility to analyze global booking data on a continual basis, our capacity to make commercial decisions would be limited.”

“Amadeus’ MIDT was designed in close cooperation with the airline industry" added Wheeler. "We have worked hand in hand with airlines for the last 20 years and are happy to see our customers understand the extended value of Amadeus’ comprehensive product and long-standing partnership.”