American Airlines to Add Extra Seats in Economy

american airlinesAmerican Airlines will add yet more seats to two of its jets, Fox Business News is reporting, noting that while the extra seats would increase capacity, it would also probably cut legroom for coach passengers.

The airline, which is merging with US Airways (LCC),  did not specify how many seats it plans to add to Boeing 737 and McDonnell Douglas MD-80 jets in its fleet, but said in a statement that the  leadership team is “evaluating every aspect of the business to make sure that any new decisions are right for the combined carrier.”

“We continually evaluate the configuration of our fleet, and make adjustments when appropriate to match supply to demand, while remaining competitive within the industry,” the company said. “Although we expect to add seats to the 737 and MD-80 fleets, we are evaluating the right number of seats and the impact on revenue and cost while retaining our Main Cabin Extra product.”

The airline’s MD-80 reportedly has 140 seats, and its Boeing 737-800 has between 148 and 160 seats. According to its website, the company operates 195 Boeing 737s and 190 MD-80s.


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