American, Lufthansa Introduce Onboard Internet

In 2008, both carriers will test the connectivity capability on transatlantic flights. American Airlines has signed with AirCell, an onboard Internet company, to provide passengers with high-speed, broadband connectivity aboard its 767-200 aircraft. On American, the service will be available for a fee, and a statement from the company said the connectivity could be extended to the rest of American's domestic fleet if the transatlantic long-haul test proves successful. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports from sources that Lufthansa is in talks with T-Mobile to offer broadband Internet access on its cross-Atlantic routes. Both connections will allow for surfing the Internet and sending and checking e-mail via laptop or PDA. In keeping with the requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration, neither carrier would allow for cell phone usage onboard. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that Lufthansa surveys showed that passengers do not want this feature onboard because of the noise it would cause. Visit [].

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