Amping Up Air Travel

Businessman Walking Toward Airplane

Given the state of air travel today, its no wonder high-end clients are opting for private jet travel. Once strictly reserved for the rich and famous, booking a private jet these days (for those who can afford it) is less about privacy and more about convenience. For agents, it's a great way to earn commission in an industry that abolished it long ago—in some cases, as much as 25 percent.

A List Jets has been in business for seven years now, but has yet to work with an agent. "I am definitely open to working with travel agents," says Gordon Bijelonic, founder of the boutique private jet brokerage firm that flies all over the world. Many of the brokers A List Jets works with earn 25 percent commission on bookings; agents will earn the same, he says.

It may just be the easiest high commission you'll ever earn. Though he's managed to secure a jet with just 12 minutes notice, Bijelonic advises, "each time a trip comes up, its best to call right away and give us the trip details," he says. A List Jets can be reached at 888-692-5478.

In December, Skydini will launch as an online solution for reserving private jets. A real-time, air charter booking tool, Skydini was co-founded by Janet Fenner, a former home-based travel agent, and plans to offer online access to 15,000 jets (and show pictures of the jets' interiors). The tool also will take care of confirmation, payment and paperwork.

Commission rates are still being worked out, but as a former agent, Fenner says they will be available by entering an IATA or CLIA number.

Look for Skydini at upcoming luxury travel shows. Come December, contact Fenner at 888-SKYDINI or [email protected].