ARC Air Sales Continue Growth

Sustaining hopes for a steady recovery, total sales reported by Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) hit $6,273,473,835, a 21.31 percent gain over August 2009 and YTD $53,807,697,556, a 20.72 increase. Total transactions grew to 12,106,833, a 10.54 percent gain. Total taxes and fees hit $887,926,476, a 23.83 percent increase.

Domestic fares hit $2,796,783,790, a solid 15.38 percent increase at $23,668,890,642, and YTD, a 16.92 percent gain. Domestic transactions hit 9,006,998 a 9.58 percent gain.

International fares soared to $2,515,370,884, a 28.06 percent gain and YTD to $21,875,049,321, a 26.65 increase. International transactions hit 3,099,835, a 13.46 percent increase.

Total fares reached $5,312,154,673, a 21.06 percent increase or YTD $45,543,939,963, a 21.40 percent gain. Credit card sales were $5,687,086,736, a 21.40 percent gain while cash sales were $586,387,099, a 20.47 percent increase.

A total of 190 carriers reported via ARC and 15,250 retail locations. Satellite STP locations reporting hit 828 while VTC locations continued to grow with 1,104 reporting. The average daily sales for the calendar month was $11,778.



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