ARC Air Sales Continue to Decline

The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) reported a 16.6 percent drop in total sales to $5.6 billion for July 2009, or $39.9 billion year to date, a 23.7 percent decline. Domestic transactions were 8,853,631, a 0.2 percent decline for the month, and 60,496,307 year-to-date, a 11.1 percent drop. Domestic fares declined to $2.7 billion, a 14.8 percent decline. Year-to-date domestic fares were $17.8 billion a 23.5 percent drop.

For July, international fares were $2 billion, a 19.9 percent drop, while year-to-date international fares were $15.3 billion, a 27.4 percent drop. International transactions were 2,921,939, a 2.33 percent decline, while year-to-date the figure was 22,822,095, a 8.2 percent decline. Retail locations reporting totaled 16,504, with 1,050 STP (satellite) locations and 774 VTC locations. The average daily sales reported by ARC accredited agency locations for the calendar month was $9,948.


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