ARC Continues Mexicana Airlines Processing

The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) reports it has been advised that Mexicana Airlines (MX/132) filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy protection in New York City on August 2. The purpose of the filing is to provide protection to the company from its creditors while it reorganizes.

Mexicana Airlines stated that it expects to continue to operate flights and customer programs without interruption. ARC is in discussions with Mexicana with the goal of uninterrupted processing. While these discussions are under way, ARC will continue processing Mexicana-validated transactions, including sales, refunds and exchanges, without interruption. ARC will provide updates as soon as they are available.

Travel agents should contact ARC’s Customer Care Center at  703.816.8003 or via e-mail at [email protected] with any processing-related questions. Visit

In a statement, Mexicana said the company’s “financial and labor situation is no longer sustainable” but said that “it has not and will in no way affect the operations, flights or itineraries of MexicanaClick and Mexicana Link. Although they are also subsidiaries of NGA( the owner off Mexicana), these airlines operate under completely different business models. CMA is focused on the international market, while MexicanaClick and MexicanaLink cover the domestic market.

The situation has forced CMA to make some minor adjustments to its international flight schedules, the company said. For further information, passengers in the Mexico City area are advised to call 5998-5998. Passengers elsewhere in Mexico can call toll free on 800.801.2010 or 877.801.2010 from the United States and Canada. Regular updates will also be posted on the company’s website at

“Concerted efforts have been made over the last four and a half years to restructure costs, efforts that have translated into savings of some $800 million as a direct result of investment in IT systems, new routes and more efficient aircraft, but have not been sufficient to offset its crew costs,” the airline said.


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