Argentina Invests In National Airlines


The government of Argentina has begun an extensive effort to modernize the national airline Aerolineas Argentinas and domestic carrier Austral. President Cristina Kirchner unveiled a new Boeing 737/700 last week, the first new airplane bought for Aerolineas Argentinas in 16 years. The airline and its sister airline Austral were nationalized in December to maintain the airline to high standards.

The fleet, one of the oldest in the world, is being rapidly updated. A second Boeing 737/700 will be delivered at the end of this month and Aerolineas will soon count on nine other similar aircraft that will be leased to be handed over before the end of the year. In addition, the secretary of transportation of Argentina has announced the purchase of 15-20 new Airbus A330 and A 340 aircrafts for long-haul travel to improve connections with international markets.