Avianca Airlines Unveils New Brand Concept

After nearly two years of transformation since its successful exit from Chapter 11, Avianca Airlines has unveiled its new brand. After 104 years of operation, being the second oldest airline in the world, the airline bid farewell to the uppercase “A” and welcomed the lowercase “a” with a new slogan: “The sky belongs to everyone.”

“The more than 180 days that our planes spent on the ground due to the COVID-19 pandemic were dark days,” said Adrian Neuhauser, CEO of avianca. “We knew that our airline was at risk of disappearing, as was the connectivity of the countries and regions where we operated and the jobs we generated. But it was also during that time that we saw that it was not only possible but also necessary to achieve a different avianca, one that is more open, closer, more accessible and with more for everyone. After nearly two years, that new avianca is here.”

Adrian Neuhauser, CEO, avianca airlines
Adrian Neuhauser, CEO (avianca airlines)

The new avianca is the result of the strategic projects that have been implemented to become a more efficient, competitive and sustainable airline, including:

  • 20 percent more capacity in the Airbus A320 fleet with 180 seats for everyone
  • 39 million seats available in 24 countries
  • 32.5 million passengers flying throughout the network in 2023
  • 16 percent of the customers flying for the first time with avianca
  • Punctuality (OTP), 89.8 percent, the most punctual in the world for September (Cirium)
  • Only two types of aircraft – A320 and Boeing 787, with a total passenger fleet of 140 aircraft
  • 16 more A320 aircraft starting this month and an additional 100 A320neo aircraft from 2025
  • 31.9 million seats available in Colombia, with over 26.9 million customers flying within and outside the country in 2023
  • 21.8 million seats available in Colombia’s regions, with over 18.0 million customers flying in 2023
  • More customers choosing how they want to fly and paying only for what they need
  • 146 routes, 74 destinations, and 24 countries in operation by the end of 2023
  • 26 new routes in 2023, including eight new destinations, namely Ipiales, Cusco, Belo Horizonte, Manaus, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and Oakland
  • 25 percent less carbon footprint per passenger transported
  • More travelers enjoying LifeMiles, with 12.4 million members
  • 11 Avianca lounges in Colombia and El Salvador available to everyone
  • Avianca Cargo in the Top 3 of cargo airlines in the Americas, transporting 258,000 tons of cargo to and from the region

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