Bonaire Airport Upgrades Service for Departing Passengers


Bonaire International Airport recently announced it is upgrading its departure facilities by deploying the new Airport Connect CUTE system (CUTE stands for Common Use Terminal Equipment). This is a common use system whereby all airlines may use each of the 12 available check-in counters at Bonaire’s airport. This is expected to lead to a higher level of service for  departing passengers.

The present check-in system works with so-called dedicated check-in counters, which are only usable by one particular airline and cannot be used by other carriers, thus restricting processing capacity. Furthermore, the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) will provide a real-time display of the status of flights as a service enhancement to departing customers. In addition to the scheduled arrival or departure times, information such as “Departed,” “Delayed,” “Boarding,” etc. can be displayed. As of now, the airport will charge each departing passenger a service charge to help defray the costs of the upgrade. This charge amounts to $1.69 and will be added to the existing passenger facility charge. Children under two years old are exempt.


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