Caribbean Sun Airlines Returns

South Florida-based carrier Caribbean Sun Airlines plans a winter return to the skies with Boeing 737 aircraft, a new logo and a new purpose. The carrier, which operated flights throughout the Caribbean from 2003 to January of this year, announced Friday its intention to relaunch by the end of the year after ceasing operations due to excessive competition from such carriers as American Airlines. It plans to significantly upgrade its fleet and service capabilities. Recruitment efforts toward hiring new pilots will begin in the coming weeks.

Travel Agent learned that the service would not be point-to-point within the Caribbean, as was formerly the case when Caribbean Sun operated turboprops. Instead, the company will specialize in charter flights. To emphasize the airline's new launch, Caribbean Sun has introduced a completely new brand identity. Developed by Aerobrand, the new design centers on the stylized image of a pineapple when viewed from overhead. The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. Visit [].