English, French Unite for Independent Review on Eurostar

Christopher Garnett, former CEO of GNER and former commercial director of Eurotunnel, will discuss the scope of the independent review of the recent Eurostar disruption that he is undertaking in conjunction with Monsieur Claude Gressier, inspecteur général des Ponts et Chaussées.The review will focus on the causes of the disruption, contingency planning, the arrangements with Eurotunnel as well as the passenger care during the disruption and suspension of service.

The review will be a joint Anglo-French initiative, independent of Eurostar, and will be accountable to Eurostar’s shareholders and Boards. It will be published by the end of January 2010.The review will include passengers’ accounts of their experience.  Passengers who were affected by the disruption are asked to send their accounts to [email protected].

“We are keen to get on with this review and ascertain the causes and impact of Eurostar’s problems over recent days," said Garnett. "I look forward to working with my Co-Chairman, Monsieur Gressier, to establish the facts and make recommendations going forward.”