EOS Airlines Plans Third Flight Plan

EOS Airlines, the luxury carrier with the ultra-roomy cabins, will likely announce its third flight schedule sometime this fall, according to company founder and CEO David Spurlock. In an exclusive interview with Travel Agent magazine, Spurlock remained mum on the specifics on the new flight, but said it will definitely run between two new cities. Currently, EOS Airlines only operates one direct flight each day between New York City and London. The company will add a second rotation between New York City and London in September. However, possibly tipping his hand, Spurlock said that EOS plans to focus on flights between European capitals and New York and major U.S. cities and London. In other news, EOS said it is showing "surprisingly strong" demand in the tourism and charter markets. "It's happening naturally," he said, noting that the tourism trade is providing welcome relief during the summer months, when the company's bread-and-butter business-class bookings are softer than usual. Spurlock promised that the company, now only in the air for six months, plans to spend "more time and energy promoting (the tourism) side of the business," in the future. EOS claims a small fleet of three Boeing 757 planes, configured for just 48 passengers. Each passenger gets a 21-square-foot personal suite or "pod" that allows for face-to-face in-flight business meetings between two or four people. Seats fully recline into de-facto beds and passengers are afforded complimentary train or limo rides to downtown London. Unrestricted published fares start at $1,475 one-way and $2,950 round trip.

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