Ethiopian Airlines Flight Crashes After Take-Off from Beirut

Ethiopian Airlines has confirmed the tragic accident of ET-409 which took place shortly after departure from Beirut International Airport on the morning of January 25. An investigative team has already arrived at the scene and an emergency command center has been formed at the Ethiopian Airlines Headquarters.

Ethiopian's Chief Executive Officer, Ato Girma Wake, held a press conference this morning at the Ethiopian Airlines Headquarters and provided further details relative to ET-409's accident in Beirut.  In opening the conference, Ato Girma said that "We are very sorry to have you here this morning under this tragic circumstance involving this unfortunate accident. Let me first extend my deepest sympathy to the family members and friends of the victims."

He added that, "The Lebanese Government has formed a rescue team lead by the Ministry of Transport. Also taking part in this rescue mission are the Lebanese Defense force including the Navy and the UN peace keeping force in the region."

Ato Girma also reported that a team of Aircraft Accident Handling and Crisis Management experts will be traveling to Beirut from London. The team consisting of eight people from BLAKE Emergency services is proceeding from London to Beirut today to assist with the rescue mission and establish a family assistance center to help the families.

Families and relatives are asked to call +251 11 662 0062 for more information.