Fleet Modernization Nets Big Gains at Lufthansa


Image // (c) 2011 Deutsche Lufthansa AG

As Deutsche Lufthansa AG takes steps to modernize its fleet, its passenger counts have improved for the first half of 2011.

Because of the use of larger aircraft and the introduction of a new cabin on routes in Europe, Lufthansa has experienced a 10.1 percent increase in passenger counts for the first half of 2011. During this period the company carried 50.2 million passengers. Seat capacity rose 11.9 percent, and sales rose 9.1 percent. The seat load factor fell by 1.9 percent to 75.4 percent. While passenger numbers grew in all regions, the largest rise was in Europe.

During the first half of 2011 Lufthansa Passenger Airlines raised the number of passengers by 14.8 percent to a total of 31.2 million. Capacity was up 14.5 percent, and sales by 11.4 percent. Also during this period, SWISS carried 7.8 million passengers, Austrian Airlines carried 5.1 million passengers, BMI carried 2.8 million passengers and Germanwings carried 3.4 million passengers. Lufthansa Cargo increased transported volumes by 14.8 percent to 953,000 tons and returned a high load factor of 69.1 percent.

Image // (c) 2011 Deutsche Lufthansa AG

More Improvements to Come

Lufthansa is planning even more upcoming improvements to its cargo fleet.

Starting this fall, the carrier will begin using transports made of a light plastic material that will allow the company to save substantially on its emissions. These new containers are up to 15 percent lighter than their predecessors, and by reducing kerosene consumption by 2,180 tons per year will allow Lufthansa to save 6,867 tons of carbon dioxide. A total of 5,000 containers are being replaced, with a complete replacement of the old containers scheduled to take place by 2015.

Lufthansa Cargo and Jettainer have carried out extensive on-board testing to ensure that the containers satisfy all the necessary standards and require fewer repairs than conventional aluminum containers.

Karl Ulrich Garnadt, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Lufthansa Cargo, said, “The new, light containers are another step towards achieving our ambitious targets to reduce emissions. Together with Jettainer we are investing in the latest technology and the Lufthansa group will therefore operate the largest fleet of lightweight containers in the world.”

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