GOGO For Solo Travelers

The Rocky Mountains reflected in Moraine Lake in Canada
Photo by AlbertoLoyo/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

GOGO Worldwide Vacations on Friday announced packages tailored specifically for the single traveler. The trips feature the Caribbean, Mexico, the United States and Canada and give solo travelers up to 30 percent off single rates, as well as their own hotel room. A host of activities also are available for booking, including snorkeling, wine tasting and dancing. The impetus for the launch was a noticeable increase in travel agents planning vacations for single travelers, said Tom Hayden, vice president of sales for the company. "[Single travelers] are always looking for a destination that offers a wide variety of activities such as nightlife, entertainment, recreational and experiential activities," he said. Departure dates begin in September. Visit [www.gogowwv.com].