GroundLink Launches New Car Service in Napa

Photo by Goleno

GroundLink, the black car service, has launched Napa Private Drive. This new car service will operate with a fixed price between San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and the surrounding airports to and from Napa Valley

The prices can be as low as $54 a person with six people in an SUV. A three-person sedan is priced at $249 each way from downtown San Francisco. The same trip  is $275 from/to the San Francisco and Oakland airports and $325 from/to San Jose. Tips, tools, taxes and gratuity are additional but are shown in the final price before booking. 

This new route follows the success of the Hamptons Private Driver in New York this past summer. 

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“With our new Napa Private Driver service, travelers don’t have to be concerned about drinking and driving and don’t have to chance their precious weekend getaway or vacation time with an on-demand service in hopes that a car might be available. They can schedule their ride exactly when they wish to leave, “ said Liz Carisone, CEO of GroundLink. “They also won’t have to deal with the unpleasant sticker shock of surge pricing during high demand periods.”

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