LAN Means Business

I haven't flown business class that much in my time with Travel Agent, but one time I did on a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong that made a 16-hour trek feel like a power nap. Cathay Pacific has often been praised for its business class, so I at least had a big player to which I could compare all future comers. And LAN Airlines sure made a pretty good argument why it is just as good if not better than most business classes. LAN doesn’t receive the attention it deserves and I decided I’d work on that the moment I landed in Quito, Ecuador for TravelMart Latin America.

I’m not a fussy passenger and I really don’t ask for much, but there are several things that bug me on a plane— one is when you are sleeping in an aisle seat and the person in the window seat has to use the bathroom, either waking you up to move or thinking he/she can actually pull off a game of Twister and miraculously climb over you without falling down or socking you in the face. LAN space in business class rids that problem. You have enough room from your seat to the seat in front of you to just get up and walk past the your seat mate.

Every seat, or actually recliner may be a better word, pulls all the way back, and comes with a remote control for your personal television and small table where the armrest should be to put your drink or iPod. The entertainment selection was great, offering 32 new and classic movies. I checked out Ironman. Twenty years ago, I would never have been able to guess I would be flying business class to Latin America, and I also wouldn’t have guessed that Robert Downey Jr. would be this awesome in a superhero role.

LAN’s service was great. The moment I was done with my drink, the flight attendant was there to fill it back up. The moment I was done with my meal, she was there to take it away. I have to say, I underestimated LAN. I thought it couldn’t compare the giants of the world like Cathay Pacific. But I also thought Downey Jr.’s career highlight would be Weird Science. I guess no one's perfect, but the folks at LAN at least make you feel that way. Check them out or recommend them to your clients heading to Latin America. They won’t be disappointed.

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