LATAM to Train Crew to be "Autism Aware"

LATAM Airlines has signed an agreement with Autism Double-Checked (ADC) and will begin the process of certifying its employees to assist individuals with autism. ADC is a U.S. organization dedicated to promoting appropriate ways to care for individuals with autism spectrum disorder in the travel and tourism industry.

“At LATAM, we dream of a world that does not discriminate, but rather includes; where all people have the same opportunities and are respected and accepted in any environment. Our relationships are based on respect, welcome and empathy for all people, without exception. This vision has led us to begin this process that will allow us to move towards a more inclusive group. We hope to become an even more diverse LATAM from within, supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace in the future,” said Roberto Alvo, CEO of LATAM Airlines Group.

LATAM has started a certification process in the empathetic assistance of people with autism spectrum disorder led by ADC, allowing LATAM employees to generate work environments that are inclusive, respectful and appreciative.

The training consists of three steps: “Autism Aware,” which provides the required sensitivity tools; “Autism Ready,” which provides personnel with job-specific information and training on situations that may arise and how to deal with them; and “Autism Double-Checked,” which corresponds to the publication of the information for the autism community to use as a guide for a comfortable in-flight experience.

The certification process is being rolled out on a timeline to include all LATAM subsidiaries (Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru). The training will begin for positions that have direct contact with passengers such as cabin crew, airport agents and sales personnel. Later, it will extend to other areas of the company.

“We are very pleased and impressed with LATAM’s understanding of travel for people with special needs, and the role that they are playing in creating a better onboard environment for autistic passengers. Families with autistic people are eager to travel, and LATAM is opening up new opportunities to this community. With this, LATAM is also demonstrating how much they value their employees by empowering them with professional training. Their leadership in the airline industry is admirable,” said Alan Day, co-founder of ADC.

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