MedjetAssist Launches New Horizon Membership Upgrade

air ambulance
Photo by Finlayson

MedjetAssist has announced the launch of Horizon, a new membership upgrade that includes new travel security, crisis response, ambulance and specialty hospital transfer, personal travel advisory and cash advance benefits. 

Horizon is available for an additional $139 per year. The new benefits include:

Travel Security and Crisis Response

In partnership with FocusPoint International, Horizon members receive the benefits of Crisis Assistance Plus (CAP), a travel assistance membership program. CAP provides assistance for a wide range of crises that directly impact or have the potential to impact a Horizon member during travel. This includes on-demand access to a dedicated 24/7 crisis response center with security experts who can advise and coordinate necessary emergency services in relation to a political threat, violent crime, terrorism, hijack, disappearance, blackmail or extortion, wrongful detention, or kidnap for ransom.

Ambulance Transfer

If a Horizon member is hospitalized less than 150 miles from home, Medjet will arrange ground transfer back to the member’s home hospital of choice within that radius at no additional charge. The service includes both advanced life support and critical care ground transfer services.

Specialty Hospital Transfer

An exclusive service for Horizon members up to age 75, should required care only be found at a specialty hospital more than 150 miles away from their home hospital, Medjet will arrange air medical transfer to that hospital at no additional cost.

Personal Travel Advisories

As a pre-trip planning tool, Horizon members can create personalized travel advisories and access research to over 260 countries and cities. Government warnings, health and medical requirements, local laws and customs, and visa and passport requirements are available. The benefit also provides eAlerts for events that could affect travel plans or safety before and during travel.

Cash Advance

As many foreign hospitals require payment in full prior to treatment, Horizon members have access to up to a $50,000 cash advance in the event of a medical emergency.

Annual Medjet memberships with Horizon start at $409 for an individual membership and $534 for a family membership. Medjet provides medical repatriation services that transport hospitalized members more than 150 miles from home from anywhere in the world to their home country hospital of choice. There are no health restrictions for travelers under age 75, co-pays or cost limitations. Membership also includes personal travel concierge benefits like free legal and medical referrals, telephone interpretation, emergency message relay to family and friends, and information on visa, passport and immunization requirements for travel to foreign countries.