NBTA Wants Greater Attention to Aviation Security

The National Business Travel Association (NBTA) called on governments across the globe to focus attention and resources on commercial aviation security measures to protect travelers around the world. 

The NBTA said it is pleased the Obama Administration has ordered investigations into how travelers are placed on watch lists and airport screening procedures. The association urged aviation and homeland security officials to consider risk-management security programs when reviewing current and future airline passenger protection regulations.

"Although it usually takes a tragedy to bring to light the urgent nature of our global security needs, we were very fortunate that all involved arrived safely in the attempted terrorist attack.  We can now focus our full attention on the needed improvements to global aviation security that was exposed so dramatically last week,” said Michael W. McCormick, NBTA executive director. “As the Obama Administration quickly reviews this incident and all policies and procedures to protect air travel, we urge officials to evaluate better weapon and explosive detection devices and related procedures. Watch list processes must be enhanced, and any bureaucratic gaps must be addressed.

“NBTA has long supported risk-management programs that enhance aviation security," McCormick continued. "TSA’s Secure Flight helps to enhance domestic and international travel through the use of improved watch list matching, while the US-VISIT program collects biometric information from international travelers, both of which help to protect travelers and our nation. These programs should be used as readily available tools to improve the system that protects our global aviation security.

“The business travel community is aware that procedural modifications are often required to address security concerns, and new regulations will be expected and adopted so long as corporate travelers can get to where they need to be efficiently and safely," McCormick said. "Companies around the world rely on business travel to conduct business, and global markets rely on that business for economic growth.”

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