New Program to Help Agencies Predict Flight Delays

FlightCaster, the service that predicts flight delays, is making its platform available for any company or developer to use in their own applications.

"We've been working with the largest players in the travel industry to create a way that people can access FlightCaster data through their existing mobile applications, when they search for a flight, and when they buy a ticket," said FlightCaster co-founder Jason Freedman.

Until now, travelers had to download the FlightCaster iPhone or Blackberry applications or use the company's website. By moving to a 'Powered by FlightCaster' licensing model, the company plans to make its data convenient for travelers, irrespective of how they buy their tickets or manage their travel.

"One of the parts we're most excited about is the ability to integrate FlightCaster data into corporate travel departments, helping business travelers improve their existing travel tools so that they can get get to their destinations on time," Freedman said.

FlightCaster, which launched this past August, makes travel more predictable by notifying travelers of the likelihood of delay hours before airline alerts.

"We look upstream at real-time factors that cause delays and use the latest in machine learning technology to understand the impact of those factors on a specific flight," said company co-founder Evan Konwiser.

In addition to making its data available to third parties, the company is also creating an alternative flight recommendation engine that can help travelers find the best possible alternative flight when their original flight is delayed or cancelled.

To fuel FlightCaster's growth, the company recently raised a $1.3 million Series A from Tandem Entrepreneurs and Sherpalo Ventures. The company will be presenting at both the Under the Radar conference this week and at the Amazon Web Services Start-Up Challenge, where they were recently selected as finalists.