Northwest, Farelogics Sign Distribution Deal

Northwest Airlines and Farelogix have signed a distribution agreement that provides users of the Farelogix FLX Platform access to Northwest Airlines' full content. In teaming with Farelogix, Northwest Airlines is building on its strategy to broaden its distribution options and enables customers to access its suite of products through the channel that best fits their business needs. "Our strategy is to offer travel agents and corporate accounts access to our products through the most economical channels, using a variety of distribution technologies," said Al Lenza, vice president of distribution and e-commerce at Northwest Airlines. "Farelogix offers a platform that enables us to cost-effectively distribute our best content while broadening the reach of our products. At the same time, we can now provide the flexibility that agencies and other travel sellers need to make reservations using Farelogix." The Farelogix solution supports evolving industry dynamics by bridging the gaps between legacy processes, systems and/or components. The FLX Platform combines sourcing, searching and business rules technology to ensure a flexible and seamless process across multiple distribution channels. It also provides a highly scalable plug-and-play architecture that can be easily integrated with various agency and corporate point-of-sale applications. Jim Davidson, president and CEO of Farelogix, said, "By tapping into the latest distribution technology available, Northwest Airlines is not only empowering its customers to leverage the sources that best fit their business needs, but it is also reducing its distribution costs."

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