Passengers Injured After Ryanair Flight Loses Cabin Pressure

Ryanair (Edit Only for TAC/LTA)

Over 30 passengers on a Ryanair flight to Croatia were injured late Friday after their plane lost cabin pressure, several media outlets are reporting. The airplane, flight FR7312 from Dublin to Zadar, was forced to make an emergency landing in Frankfurt.

Ryanair told the BBC that oxygen masks were deployed and the crew carried out a “controlled descent” after the pressure loss.

Thirty-three out of 189 passengers were hospitalized with injuries that included headaches, ear pain and nausea, NBC News reports. All were discharged by Saturday morning.

According to ABC News, the passengers were forced to spend the night in Frankfurt, and many complained of the lack of accommodations by Ryanair. Twenty-two of the injured passengers had to be bused to Croatia, because doctors had told them not to fly due to their injuries.

“They brought in about 100 burgers, for 189 of us there,” Roxanne Brownlee, a passenger onboard the flight, told ABC News. “So we were all awake upwards of 36 hours of the entire ordeal – just completely exhausted, shattered and I would just say shocked with the treatment that we received from Ryanair.”

A Ryanair spokesperson told ABC News that customers were provided with refreshment vouchers and hotel accommodation was authorized, but that there was a “shortage of available accommodation.

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