Rail Europe Reports Summer Travel Gains

France, Italy and the United Kingdom were the top European destinations visited via rail by North American travelers in summer 2014, according to Rail Europe. Based on Rail Europe’s sales data the trends include:

  • Top destinations by train (in order): France, Italy and the United Kingdom
  • Traffic between Paris and Barcelona increased by 86 percent due to the introduction of the new high-speed line via the TGV Train.  
  • Italy sales saw a 35 percent increase this year. Italian hotspots include: Rome, Milan and Venice.
  • Spain and Switzerland also saw an increase of roughly 30 percent in sales from the same time last year. Top destinations include: Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Lucerne, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Cordova.

Top 5 city-center to city-center journeys this summer:

  • Rome to Milan 
  • Rome to Venice
  • Paris to London 
  • Paris to Avignon 
  • Paris to Amsterdam

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