San Jose Del Cabo Airport to Undergo Upgrades

Planned upgrades will include facility enhancements to ensure visitors' comfort and ease of travel upon arrival and/or departure in keeping with the destination's upscale appeal, a release stated. The airport development will include the addition of a Fixed Base Operation Center offering upgraded travel services, a new fourth terminal building, a complete remodeling of Terminal 3, the addition of parallel landing strips for quicker departures and the institution of new highway administration for improved airport access and parking. The Fixed Base Operation Center is slated to begin construction in August 2007 and set for completion in March 2008. Construction on the new terminal is set to begin in November 2007, with completion slated for December of 2009. Terminal 3 will be fully remodeled and integrated into the new Terminal 4 beginning in March 2010. Other principal areas of development include a main terminal area, arrival terminal, documentation area, baggage claim and commercial area.

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