Select MacBook Pros Grounded Following Battery Recall

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Select MacBook Pro laptops have been banned from flying due to batteries that pose a fire risk. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that the laptops would be barred from being brought onboard flights, whether as cargo or in carry-on luggage, Business Insider reports.

The ban follows a recall by Apple on 15-inch MacBook Pros sold primarily between September 2015 and February 2017. According to Apple, the batteries “may overheat and pose a fire safety risk.” It also says it will replace affected batteries free of charge.

The FAA says it is aware of the recalled batteries and reminded airlines to follow safety guidelines that state electronics with recalled batteries should not be allowed on flights in any capacity. The FAA ban means that U.S. airlines, including cargo carriers, and airlines flying into or out of the U.S. should not allow the laptops onboard.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency says that MacBook Pro models should be turned off and not used during flights.

Airlines that are enforcing a ban include: TUI Group Airlines, Thomas Cook, Air Transat, Air Italy, Qantas (allowed in carry-on only and must not be used), Virgin Australia (banned all MacBook models from checked luggage), Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways (unless the battery has been replaced) and Etihad (banned all MacBook models from checked luggage).

According to Bloomberg, while phones, laptops and other electronic devices have caught fire in the passenger compartment of planes, none have ever caused a fire to spread; these are extinguished with water and flight attendants are trained how to address the incidents.


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