Top 10 Best and Worst Airports for Sleeping

You're lying on your back on a pleather two-seater bench, your shins and feet dangling over one metal armrest while you adjust your backpack to use as a headrest against the other. It's the middle of the night, you're travel weary and your flight doesn't board for four hours.

Whether its the unfortunate result of a canceled flight or a brave attempt to cut back on a trip's expenses, every world traveler worth his/her passport stamps has spent a night or two trying to get some shut-eye in an airport. And when it comes to spending the night, not all airports are created equal. has created a list of the 10 Best and Ten Worst Airports for snoozing based on commenters' travel tales. From the free massage chairs and movie theater of Singapore's Changi to the mosquitos and bird-droppings of Delhi's India Ghandi, it's best to know what you're getting into before choosing to bunk down at your terminal. Check out the rankings below before you plan to skip the airport hotel in favor of a free night at one of these hubs.

The Best Airports for Snoozing:

1. Singapore Changi
2. Seoul Incheon
3. Amsterdam Schiphol
4. Oslo Gardermoen
5. Hong Kong
6. Dubai
7. Frankfurt International
8. Munich
9. Vancouver
10. Denver

The Worst Airports for Overnight Stays:

1. Paris Charles de Gaulle
2. Moscow Sheremetyevo
3. New York JFK
4. Los Angeles
5. Delhi
6. Chicago O'Hare
7. Mumbai
8. Manila
9. Rome Fiumicino
10. London Heathrow

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