US Airways to Reinstate Frequent-Flier Miles


US Airways will announce today that it will bring back its frequent-flier program after stopping the perks earlier this year, The Arizona Republic reports. The decision was made after customer feedback and competition shed light on the popularity of offerings such programs. The airline said that bringing back bonus miles and minimum mileage for fliers will strengthen customer loyalty.

US Airways said customers in its dividend miles program will have bonus miles reflective of their preferred status starting Thursday. The company will give retroactive credit to customers' December account statements for bonus-qualifying travel between August 6 and Wednesday.

The airline also reinstated the minimum credit of 500 miles in which frequent fliers would receive at least 500 miles for short flights. US Airways also plans ti give its dividend miles members at least 500 miles for each shuttle flight between Washington, D.C., New York and Boston.

Frequent fliers in the dividend miles program earn and keep their preferred status when they buy and fly at least 25,000 miles or 30 flight legs in a calendar year. Members receive free first and second checked bags as well as other benefits.

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