VIA Rail Canada Releases 10 Reasons to Travel by Rail

With summer underway, VIA Rail Canada has set a course to make its service available to Americans. Aurelio Macaraeg, senior manager of marketing & sales Americas, said, "With most of the tourism industry creeping out of the economic downturn, VIA Rail noted that a significant number of Americans visiting Canada were choosing to experience it by train."

Through Canada's Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver en route to cities like Jasper, Halifax and Prince Rupert, and into our hearts, Macaraeg's top 10 reasons to travel by train by VIA Rail this summer include:

1. Few delays: Improved infrastrure and the low impact of weather make these trains run on time.

2. Convenience: Unlike airports, commuters need not show up at the station hours in advance or wait out security check lines. Save yourself time - and cab fare - alongside the ease of booking online with far fewer clicks.

3. No baggage fees: With passengers able to check up to two bags at no cost, baggage losses are down in the best way as handling is

4. Revolving deals: Updates posted on the website include discounts of up to 75 percent.

5. Traffic/rest stop-immunity: Independent of road traffic and other delays, passengers can wander the train and sit down to a gourmet meal at their leisure.

6. Oh, Canada: From your seat, throughout VIA's lounge or from the observation deck, take in Canada's landscape as it was meant to be seen. We hear the glass-roofed observation cars are ideal for viewing the Canadian Rockies.

7. Social network: On board, spend time with family or make friends throughout the train's dining cars and lounge areas.

8. Green it like you mean it: Green travelers can appreciate VIA's cut of fuel consumption by 30 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent. Throughout its line, VIA has renovated locomotives to Light Rapid Comfortable (LRC) coaches toward more efficient heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and lay-over systems. In addition, recycled paper populate the line in the form of napkins and toilet paper, and all the coffee onboard is 100 percent fair trade. Tanks of the 100-car fleet also feature toilets that use less water per flush as well as a recycling system used to rinse water in its train "car wash" operations.

9. Comfort: With more legroom than on a bus, plane or car, seats on VIA also feature the freedom of not having to buckle up or stay seated during take-off. Sleeper cars during VIA's overnight trips save time and planning for hotel booking, and guests can enjoy from a berth, suite or cabin for one, two or three people, as well as amenities including a shower.

10. Cell phone service and Wi-Fi access: With cell phone service and complimentary Wi-Fi on all trains in the Quebec-Ontario corridor, and Wi-Fi available in most major stations, VIA keeps its passengers in touch with the rest of the world as much as the destinations throughout its network.

For more information, call 888-VIA-RAIL (888-842-7245) or visit