Virgin America Says Forget About It

So you’re on the plane when you realize that you’ve left your toothbrush, your comb, your nail clippers, tissue paper—just about everything— back at home.  What do you do?  

If you’re my uncle, than the solution probably involves some stealthy unzipping of other people’s bags as you “borrow” various items for later use.  However, we have more faith in you than that, and we like to believe that most people don’t enjoy using other people’s toothbrushes.  With the civilized section of humanity in mind, Virgin America has recently launched its “How Could I Forget Kit.”

Now travelers who suddenly realize that they’ve left most of their toiletries at home can purchase this kit in-flight and chill out, knowing that no one else has used their comb deodorant or toothbrush.

"Our goal at Virgin America is to reinvent the typical flying experience and bring travelers more choices," said Amy Burr, Director of Ancillary Revenue at Virgin America. "We're thrilled to offer our guests natural, personal care products from Yes To that will help them look and feel their best.”

Plus, if you’re a forgetful vegan, get ready for another dose of awesome, because each kit comes with the “Yes to Carrots" pampering package.  Fit for rabbits and humans alike, the kit contains carrot juice shampoo, carrot rich shower gel, and carrot body lotion.  You’ll have so much Vitamin-C on or in you that you’ll probably be able to do your own baggage check without the x-ray machine.

So the next time your on a plane and you’re forgetful enough to leave your toiletries at home, but somehow thoughtful enough to remember that strange obscure article your read months ago, say “Yes to Carrots” in the “How Could I Forget Kit."

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