WestJet Signs Distribution Deal with Sabre

WestJet of Canada has signed a multi-year, full-content agreement with Sabre Travel Network to enhance the airline’s global distribution capabilities. WestJet also recently selected SabreSonic Customer Sales and Service as its reservations host-provider. This move further enhances the carrier’s ability to provide access to its full range of products and services through the its global distribution system (GDS).

Through the Sabre GDS, connected travel agents will have access to all of the growing Canadian carrier’s published fares and inventory, including key capabilities such as last seat availability, codeshare and interlining sales, interactive inventory updates and eticketing. Access to these capabilities through the GDS will streamline the shopping and booking process, driving productivity for connected agencies and corporate travelers using a corporate booking tool powered by Sabre.

WestJet will take advantage of Sabre’s marketing tools and technology to support the airlines continuing growth. The airline will also work with Sabre to facilitate efficient GDS access to any future frequent traveler program and merchandising efforts.

“The Sabre GDS is an important part of our multi-channel distribution strategy because of its ability to deliver the highest yielding guests, its strong global presence and the value it provides in all distribution channels,” said Dr. Hugh Dunleavy, WestJet’s executive vice president, Commercial Distribution. “We believe the Sabre GDS and its efficient technology will help us grow our business and help us continue our solid partnership with the agency community and corporate travelers.”

Sabre's SabreSonic CSS platform, combined with its relationship with Southwest Airlines, will allow for seamless WestJet codeshares and interlining via the Sabre GDS.

Visit www.sabre-holdings.com.

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