Ultimate Travel Pro Results, Round 2

What did we love about this South America itinerary from Joey Sciarrotta of Landry & Kling Events at Sea? Two words: flexibility and style. It opens from the outset with the caveat that the day-to-day itinerary can change based on local conditions, which is a must for any adventure tour. Between wildlife, animals and other changing travel conditions, built-in flexibility is key to helping clients get the most out of their adventure.

After that, the day-by-day breakdown is illustrated with a series of color photos that really whet the client’s appetite for travel. Our favorite touch? The opening map, which lays out the sheer scale of the itinerary – at 38 days, it’s nice to be able to pull back and appreciate the full scope of the journey.

You can view the full itinerary here.

Thanks to all for participating in our Ultimate Travel Pro sweepstakes! We received so many Travel Pro-worthy itineraries, it was hard to choose just one. Travel Agent magazine will be highlighting the top 3 Travel Pros, including the Grand Prize winner - be sure to keep checking our Facebook page over the next few days to see if you made the cut! 

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