Update About Nepal's Most Recent Earthquake

Yesterday, another major earthquake struck Nepal. This follows a previous earthquake that hit the region just three weeks ago, killing more than 8,000 people.

Today, CNN reports that at least 65 people died in yesterday’s quake and 1,926 people have been injured.

The earthquake struck east of Kathmandu near Mount Everest, hitting the Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk districts, both of which were among the worst-affected areas during last month's earthquake, Indian Express reports.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the two earthquakes are likely part of a chain reaction caused when the April quake weakened other fractures in the earth's crust. There have been nearly 100 magnitude three or higher aftershocks since April's earthquake, and this latest tremor has so far touched off six aftershocks.

Nepal Earthquake

Aid is being delivered through the Kathmandu airport, reports Yahoo News UK & Ireland. Canadian Forces personnel have cleared key roads of debris in Nepal following the second earthquake, reports Herald News

The Travel Community’s Response

The Travel Corporation and The TreadRight Foundation have donated $20,000 to help support the local tourism industry to help Nepal recover in the long term.

“In difficult times like these, it is important for the global travel and tourism industry to come together,” says Brett Tollman, CEO and president of The Travel Corporation. “The tourism sector plays an important role in Nepal’s economy, as such, our industry is in a position to leverage our contributions in order to assist with immediate recovery as well as long term support.”

The donation will help the local tourism sector, including community-based tourism projects and social enterprises. 

In addition, The Travel Corporation and TreadRight have earmarked a further USD 30,000 for rebuilding efforts after the initial relief efforts. Current plans include the rebuilding of schools, in collaboration with HappyHeartsFund.org.