The Week in Stats: Summer Travel Prices Up

This week in travel industry statistics saw the industry get ready for a seasonal rise in summer prices, as well as new insights into marketing to Gen X travelers.

Labor Day Flight Prices Could Spike August 9

According to a new study released by, Labor Day flight prices could be in for sharp climb starting August 9. 

Based on's historical search data, airfares for popular Labor Day travel destinations could begin to increase as much as 30 percent between August 9 and August 16. While prices fluctuated last year prior to August 8 (+/-10%), all markets experienced a dramatic price increase three weeks (August 9-16) before Labor Day. In some instances, the fare increase during that period was as much as 33 percent. 


North America's Most Expensive Summer Destinations

According to a new survey from, Nantucket is North America’s most expensive destination in terms of lodging cost. The island came out in the top spot at $301 per night after a comparison of all destinations in the USA and Canada.


Why Gen X Travelers Could Be a Marketing Opportunity

Shullman Pulse has released a new study pointing to the potential of marketing to Gen X travelers, particularly those in the affluent market. Upscale Gen-X'ers have different interests, goals, and concerns compared with the other generations.

And, affluent Gen-X'ers are planning significant expenditures. Traveling for pleasure tops the list among all adults. 65% of upscale Gen-X'ers plan on traveling for pleasure, compared with just more than half of mass-market Gen-X'ers. Luxury purchasing is also in the plans of half of the upscale Gen-X'ers, compared with less than one third of their mass-market generational peers.