What to See at SeaWorld


Manta // (c) 2011 SeaWorld Orlando

The Orlando Sentinel, Fla., July 14, 2011
By Dewayne Bevil

July 14--While we're on the subject of SeaWorld Orlando, here's my personal must-do list for the theme park.

-- Manta. The intense coaster remains a thriller. The ride is especially good in the twilight hours, when you twist through a variety of colors of the sky, coaster, water, rocks and ground. And for the dramatic loop, I cope by remembering that the face-lifting G forces only last a couple of seconds (repeat, repeat).

-- "Blue Horizons." The show is over the top with its soaring soundtrack, aquabatics, a pink lady who can fly, surprising birds plus a finale with a flurry of flags and legion of dolphins. You say cheesy, I say glorious.

-- Animal magnetism. Well, duh. SeaWorld has animals great (Shamu) and small (sea horses) lurking in every corner of the theme park. My favorite spots include the polar bears at the exit of the Wild Arctic ride, the tuxedoed residents of Penguin Encounter, the cool underwater viewing at Dolphin Cove and the octopus living inside Manta's aquarium. They're all easy access and enjoyed at your own pace.