World Expo 2010's First Weekend

The 2010 World Expo kicked off this weekend in Shanghai and it is already racking up numbers.

Over 433,000 people visited the $44 billion World Expo, reports Bloomberg Businessweek, with an additional 128,000 people attending today as of 5 p.m. local time.

While the exhibits are proving to be hot (passes for the red China pavilion sold out before 9 a.m.), the temperatures are definitely hotter (86 degrees). According to Bloomberg doctors treated 82 people yesterday for heat stroke. As a result water mist is being sprayed over walkways and benches to cool down visitors. But this doesn't seem to be deterring crowds.

It is expected that 70 million people will make the journey to the six-month-long exhibition by the time is closes up.

In the meantime, if you are headed to Shanghai and can stand the heat, be sure to explore the many world cultures on display, including ostrich meat wraps at the Africa hall, Italian cobblers making shoes and beer at the German pavilion.

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