WTTC: Travel to New Zealand Poised to Grow in 2014

According to a recent report from the World Travel and Tourism Council, travel to New Zealand is poised to grow almost three percent this year. Much of this growth, the report said, is being driven by higher consumer spending as the global economy improves. Travelers are expected to spend more per trip and stay longer on their vacations in 2014, while long-haul travel, especially among the European markets, is also expected to gain a greater share of international tourism demand. Profitability for travel companies should also start to edge up, bringing opportunities for further job creation in the process.

The WTTC's New Zealand Economic Impact Report looked at the economic and social relevance of the travel industry in New Zealand as well as its potential over the next decade.

The report also cited some notable statistics for 2013:
•    The travel industry contributed $25.6 billion, nearly 14 percent of the country's GDP. 
•    For employment, the industry contributed almost 375,000 jobs, including jobs indirectly supported by the sector (16.6 percent of total employment).
•    Travel and tourism investment was $1.7 billion, or 4.8 percent of total investment. It is projected to rise by 7.8 percent in 2014.

For more information, visit www.wttc.org/research.