Avoya Launches New Marketing Campaign


Avoya Travel reports that it is launching a new marketing campaign aimed at attracting prospective independent agency owners. Called More Time, the new campaign will aim to connect with owners on a more personal level through imagery and content that highlight what matters most in their personal lives, Avoya said. The campaign builds on the company’s new brand messaging, which was implemented in early 2019 as part of the Avoya 2025 strategy. 

The More Time campaign spotlights relevant examples of how travel professionals spend their time and what they see as the most-valued Avoya technology and resource solutions. A key takeaway from a recent Avoya survey was what independent agencies have more time for as a result of improved workflow. Growing their travel businesses, spending time with family and friends and doing more personal travel and vacations were the top three activities survey respondents cited. The survey results were compatible across all experience levels, Avoya said.

In the survey Avoya’s Agent Power and technology, Avoya Live Leads and Avoya Support were the top three resources named that saved independent agencies the most time. Nearly 80 percent claimed Agent Power is the most valuable resource for running their Independent agency efficiently. Participants also said that professional development offerings like Avoya Mastermind, promotions and group space were other valuable offerings.

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