Eurail Unveils New Distribution Platform

Eurail, the train pass that enables people to travel throughout 33 European countries with a single pass, has introduced a new distribution platform providing travel companies with the ability to sell Eurail Passes more easily.

With a hassle-free API connection, distributors can conveniently integrate, sell and issue passes online. They can also connect via the Eurail Ticketing System (ETS) for offline point of sales. Now, travel companies of all sizes can expand their product offerings, providing railway passes as an added option for their customers.

The launch of Eurail’s new distribution program comes on the heels of the 2020 introduction of the Eurail Mobile Pass (mPass). The launch of the mPass is touted by the company an instant success as it changed the landscape of rail travel, with click-of-the-button booking and activation for consumers, in addition to a safe and efficient centralized system for carriers with enhanced sales and customer insights.

“The platform simplifies the way we do business, while allowing new and established partners a turnkey way to become sales agents of our commissionable products,” said Yi Ding, business and growth manager at Eurail, in a press release. “While our passes have always been a popular choice for savvy travelers, the current demand for flexibility coupled with the continuous growth of sustainable travel leads us to project very strong demand in 2022 and beyond as Europe travel bounces back.”

The benefits of Eurail “Global” and “One Country” passes are many, with discounts available on youth and senior passes; plus, children travel free with an adult. The passes can be used within 11 months after purchase, with full flexibility in itinerary and starting date of the trip. Travelers can manage their trips independently with the Rail Planner app. Additionally, they can also change or postpone their travel plans at a limited cost as part of Eurail’s flexible refund and exchange policy. Travelers will also be able to avail of deals through Eurail’s dedicated partners.


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