Stats: Travelers More Inclined to Buy Insurance in 2023

Travel insurance continues to be top priority for travelers with 79 percent of a respondents to a recent VisitorsCoverage survey reporting they were planning to buy trip protection when booking their 2023 travel. Only half of those surveyed had purchased travel insurance in the past.

The results from polled participants confirmed that “revenge travel” is still surging with 43 percent of participants saying that they would take over five trips in 2023 and another 43 percent saying they would take between three to four trips. When picking a destination, travelers agree that affordability is top of mind, with wellness ranking as the second priority with food/culture following closely behind. Sustainability continues to be a top factor for travelers, with 75 percent of respondents saying it’s “very important” in the process of making travel decisions.

Travelers are also feeling much more comfortable jaunting across the world. The survey revealed that 88 percent of respondents would be traveling for pleasure, while nearly 70 percent confirmed that they will be traveling both domestically and internationally in the next year. Domestic travel leads the poll but international destinations in Europe are the most popular (55 percent); Australia ranks as the second most popular international destination (35 percent) and South America follows as the third most preferred (30 percent).

For 2023, air travel continues to be the favored mode of transportation with 84 percent planning to fly to their destinations for at least one of their planned trips. Road trips still continue to be extremely popular among travelers, as 78 percent confirmed that they planned for a drivable getaway. Since most travelers will have upwards of three trips planned for 2023, it is no surprise cruising (48 percent) and train travel (44 percent) are also slated to be enjoyed.

Though travelers continue to receive perks from airlines and at airports, the survey highlighted what respondents are truly missing: Complimentary meals on planes (42 percent); a free carry-on bag (25 percent); and in-flight entertainment that doesn’t require a phone or laptop (24 percent).

Regarding where they find inspiration for their upcoming trips, respondents revealed that there were several sources for motivation: Friends and family (76 percent), social media (71 percent) and TV—mainly documentaries, (56 percent). In terms of social media, three platforms reign supreme. The survey found that 82 percent are influenced by Facebook, 77 percent by Instagram and 61 percent of respondents are turning to TikTok, where there is continued dominance in search and consumer habits.

When asked about summer travel concerns, the top two issues cited by survey participants were “the economy and inflation” (29 percent) and “flight delays” (22 percent). Other concerns include “fear of the unknown” (16 percent), “risk of illness” (15 percent), “inclement weather” (15 percent) and “baggage nightmare scenarios” (2 percent).

VisitorsCoverage offers travel insurance that covers epidemic illnesses, medical emergencies, unforeseen cancelations, trip interruptions, travel delays and baggage issues. Its survey included the opinions of a random sample of over 1,000 frequent travelers across the U.S., all of whom travel more than twice a year.

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