Stats: 23% of Americans Prefer Winter Vacations

New research has found that as many as 23 percent of Americans prefer to go on vacation during the winter, rather than the summer, with the top reasons found to be the lack of tourists, to get away from the bad weather and the lower costs.

In addition to the 23 percent of Americans that prefer to go on vacation during the winter, two fifths are not planning on going on a summer vacation next year, and more than half would rather vacation within the United States than go abroad.

The study was undertaken by the team behind flight-comparison site, in which more than 4,100 Americans were questioned about their traveling habits. All respondents revealed that they had been on at least one vacation abroad in the past two years.

It was then found that almost one quarter of Americans (23%) that go on vacation regularly prefer to go away during the winter. When asked why this was the case, the most popular reasons why were “there are less tourists” (27%), “to get away from cold weather at home” (22%) and “lower costs” (18%).

One third of respondents (34%) also complained that they are often unable to book vacations off work in the summer because their colleagues have already done so, and are therefore forced to take time off at other times of the year.

A further two fifths of respondents (41%) – that have previously been on summer vacations abroad – say that they are not planning on going on a vacation next summer, with the most popular reasons for this being “it is too expensive over summer” (34%), “there are too many tourists” (21%), and “I don’t like beach holidays” (17%).

When asked what their favorite kind of vacation was, just 12 percent of Americans chose “beach vacations,” with the most popular found to be “sightseeing” (22%), “city break” (19%) and “an adventure-based break” (15%).

What’s more, over half of respondents (56%) say that they would prefer to go on a summer vacation in the United States rather than go abroad, with road trips coming out as the most popular alternative (41%).

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