Stats: 65 Percent of U.S. Travelers Looking Forward to Traveling Again

A majority of Americans (65 percent) are looking forward to travel again, both internationally and domestically, according to new research by Zapwater Communications, a travel and lifestyle communications agency. In addition, two in five (39 percent) are hoping to travel within the first six months after travel restrictions are lifted.

The agency surveyed 1,280 U.S.-based frequent travelers about their travel decisions pre- and post-COVID-19 (coronavirus), including areas of preference to travel, when they would feel comfortable traveling again, length of trip, mode of transportation, travel experiences, type of trip, factors that would influence travel, and travel habits among others. Here are more findings:

Fifty-six percent of those surveyed said they feel comfortable spending just as much on a trip as they would have before COVID-19. Four in five (80 percent) of respondents said they are willing to travel three to seven nights during their first post-coronavirus trip. The top domestic regions of interest for travel are the West Coast and Southeast; for international travel, it’s Canada, the Caribbean and Europe.

Not unexpected, hotel safety protocols ranked as the highest priority (76 percent), influencing immediate travel decisions versus close proximity to home (23 percent). In addition, the number of COVID-19 cases in a destination ranked among the top factors (63 percent) that would influence travelers when making their purchase decision for their next vacation.

Note: While there was interest for both domestic and international travel, the former is expected to become increasingly popular as 83 percent of respondents said they plan on staying within the U.S. for their first trip post-COVID-19. To that note, travel by car will also become more popular, with 57 percent saying they plan to drive for their first trip. Thirty-five percent are very likely to take a short-haul flight (three hours or fewer) for their first trip.

Source: Zapwater Communications

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