Stats: 85 Percent of Americans Taking At Least One Summer Vacation

Memorial Day has passed, as have college graduations and high school and other graduations are underway. In other words, summer is officially here—and with that, Americans are planning to vacation in droves.

According to the recent “2023 Summer Travel Survey” by The Vacationer, 85 percent of Americans are planning to travel this summer, with half of those (44 percent of all Americans) intending to travel more than once. Just 15 percent are not planning to travel. Only travelers over 60 years old fall below this baseline, with 74 percent planning a summer vacation. Ninety percent of Americans aged 30 to 44 intend to travel this summer; 88 percent of those aged 45 to 60 intend to do so; and 87 percent of the youngest, 18- to 29-year-old, generation has intentions to travel this summer.

That said, the majority (62 percent) will travel domestically only this summer. Seventeen percent said they would travel internationally and domestically, while 6 percent would travel only internationally.

Just under half of Americans (46 percent) will not be traveling by plane. Thirty percent expect to fly once, while 24 percent expect to fly for more than one vacation. The youngest generation of American adults (18 to 29) is the most likely to fly on a plane, with 63 percent saying so. This number decreases with age as 61 percent in the 30 to 44 age bracket intend to do so, followed by 54 percent aged 45 to 60 and, lastly, just 38 percent of Americans over 60 intend to travel on a plane this summer.

Along those lines, 80 percent of Americans will be taking a road trip this year with 20 percent traveling as far as 500 miles from home.

As for Fourth of July, the plurality of Americans (40 percent) does not plan to travel that weekend. Twenty-three percent will travel for a friend or relative’s party, 15 percent will do a day trip (such as to a beach or lake), and 17 percent will be traveling for vacation.

The Vacationer also asked whether inflation would be affecting people’s travel plans. While 36 percent said “No,” the remainder said yes for various reasons: Because everyday items continue to be more expensive (36 percent); because I want to drive (18 percent); and because airfare has increased in price (10 percent).

Source: The Vacationer

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