Stats: One-Third of Americans to Make Travel Purchase in Next Three Months

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Even as countries are facing challenges with continued travel restrictions, consumers around the globe still have a strong desire to travel in the future—that’s according to Amex Trendex, a trend report from American Express.

Consumers across five countries surveyed are beginning to adjust travel spending to new travel norms, according to the report. While the majority of consumers feel more comfortable traveling domestically over intentionally in the next three months, many plan to make a “big” purchase on travel in the next month. To note: One-third (34 percent) of adults in the U.S. plan to spend $800-plus. In addition:

  • 57 percent of adults in Japan plan to spend JPY150,000-plus ($1,428)
  • 49 percent of adults in Canada plan to spend CAD$800-plus ($599)
  • 36 percent of adults in the U.K. plan to spend £800-plus ($1,037)
  • 30 percent of adults in Mexico plan to spend $800-plus

Amex Trendex also found that confidence varies by region in the six countries surveyed. Adults in the U.K. have the most appetite to travel domestically (69 percent), compared to adults in Mexico (47 percent), Japan (45 percent), U.S. (40 percent) and Canada (40 percent). Just 12 percent of U.S. adults are likely to travel internationally in the next three months. To that extent, road trips still reign, says Amex. Over half of global adults feel comfortable with taking a road trip in the next three months (63 percent).

As for lodging, hotel stays rank higher than home shares and air travel for global comfort levels. Global adults anticipate feeling more comfortable in the next three months staying at a hotel (43 percent) than staying at a home share (25 percent), also topping taking a flight (30 percent) and taking a cruise (10 percent).

Last-minute getaway travel bookings are at an all-time high, according to the survey. In line with this, American Express Travel has seen similar trends when looking at U.S. card member booking data booked through them:  Four in five travel plans (81 percent) of U.S. air and hotel bookings in the last week made on Amex Travel are for travel within the next 30 days (week of July 12), compared to 64 percent during the same time last year. 

Source: Amex Trendex

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